Best combination of my gear for macro shots help


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Oct 18, 2012
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Puerto Rico
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Ok so basically what im looking for is a decent combination of my gear for some macro shots. This is the gear I have

Canon T3i and EosM bodies
Tamron 18-200mm
EFS to eosm lens adapter
2 18-55mm kit lenses
2 50-250mm kit lenses
50mm 1.8
58mm to 58mm threaded adapter (male to male)
Extension tube set
Close up filter set
macro ring light
fd to EOS adapter (with and without infinity)
fd to eosm adapter
28mm fd lends
135mm fd lens
75-150 fd lens
28-85mm fd lens
300mm or so OM mount lens (amazing with extension tubes but the filter thread is damaged) so unless I build something I cant use the ring light


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Nov 26, 2012
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Akron Ohio
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Not sure what your subject is or preferred working distance (longer focal length = increased working distance). I'm not sure what magnification you are looking for, but I presume you've tried the 18-55mm's reverse mounted together hence the 58-58mm, but I'd look at picking up a few step up rings 52 to 58mm along with whatever filter threads you have for your FD mounted glass. try playing around with extension tubes and then reverse mount a lens or play with extension tubes and close up filters. Determining your subject will help determine the required setup.

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