best film for weddings?


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Jun 4, 2003
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i'm getting ready to shoot my first wedding- any advice on best film to use? ceremony is outdoors, reception indoors...
I was recomended Fuji Reala 100 and i have to agree, it has fantastic detail and vibrant colour, obviously is a slow film so good light is recomended, although i have used it on semi over cast days with good results. Failing that Fuji Superia 200 has given me good results.
Something that is going to be a little better for skin tones is Fuji NPS or Kodak Portra NC or VC
I don't knwo too much about brands and all that, but i'd say some 100 or maybe 200 for hte wedding, as long as you've used them and are familiart w/ the speed. Cuz i knowi've only shot a couple rolls of 100 and they didn't turn out so well, nothing horrendous but not the quality i'd want for a wedding. And definitly bring somee 800ish for the reception, cuz the 100 won't work indoors. Also bring a couple of rolls of 400 as an all around back up for the ceremony or reception. I'd also try to have a tripod w/ me, I don't know if that feasible or not, but its worth a shot
for weddings, i agree with voodoocat, and say to use kodak porta NC. it's mostly meant for skin tones, which is what you would want.

however, the first time i used it, i hated it, cause i was trying to do these brightly colored shots. then i asked my professor what the deal was, and she let me know that it's really good for skin tones. if you research it enough, alot of places will tell you it's perfect, for weddings especially.

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