Best photo-processing lab for E6 processing in the UK


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Apr 24, 2006
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Dear All,

I would really appreciate any advice or comments, with regards to the best E6 photo-processing lab in the UK. In person or mail order are both fine.

I can't wait to share my work on here, I am looking forward to all your comments and suggestions.

For those who did not see my previous thread, I am a complete beginner.

Thanks for all those who reply :)

- Puretranquility -
Sky Photographic Labs in London used to be *the* best in London... I don't know if they're still going, what with the world changing and all - google them and call them. They were streets better than any other lab I have ever tried.

The prices are very reasonable at Peak Iamging, especially for same day despatch.

I will also have a look at Sky labs..

Cheers ! :)

- Puretranquility -

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