Best place for printing enlargements?


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Jun 25, 2004
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Forgive me if this belongs in the Darkroom forum, but as I'm not actually doing the enlarging myself I figured it'd be out of place there.

I've got some pictures from a vacation I took a year ago that I'd like to have enlarged. I'm hesitant to just go to a place like Ritz Camera to have it done by someone working for just over minimum wage, you know?

Where do you all go to have your pictures printed? I'm not talking anything huge, just 10x15 or something around there. I'm not opposed to sending them away - anyplace that does quality enlargements is fine with me.
A lot of people recommend

Most 'photo labs' shouldn't have a problem printing anything smaller than 12x18 or even 24x36. Also, a good lab will reprint it for you, if it's not you don't have to worry too much.

I guess the best way would be to just try a few places and see what you get. I used to get great prints from Wal-mart, if you can believe that....but that was because the guy who ran the photo department at that store, knew what he was doing. I've moved and the Wal-mart nearest me now, is terrible.
I second Mike's vote with mpix. I just became a customer and received my first order yesterday and was amazed with their quality. They are very quick and do an excellent job packaging your prints.
Thanks folks - I'll definitely check that place out.

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