Best Tips For Wedding Photography


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Jul 7, 2010
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1. Enjoy & Have Fun
Please do not go into Wedding Photography if you don't enjoy weddings. You'll need to handle pressure and always remember that you only get one chance at weddings. You cannot afford to mess it up. Working to tight schedule and having good social skills is very important as well.

2. Check Your Gear
Before you leave your home or studio to go to the wedding, check & re-check you camera gear, make sure all the camera batteries are fully charged and the flash gun batteries as well if you are using re-chargeable. I personally prefer re-chargeable batteries for my Nikon SB900 flashguns.

3. Have back-ups
Never go to photograph a wedding with just a single camera body and a lens. You should have at least 2 bodies. Try and shoot with the same bodies. Don't have a pro body worth $3000 and a back-up as a $400 body. You need to have a like-for-like back up body. I photograph with 2 bodies and have a 3rd one as a back-up. Have a variety of lenses from wide angles, zooms and fast prime lenses. The ones I'd recommend for shooting a wedding with are:

4. Insure Yourself & Your Business
It is absolutely critical that you insure yourself. Just like you would insure your car & your home. You need to have sufficient insurance should the worst happen whether the kit is stolen, a CF card fails and gets corrupted or a hard drive failure, someone gets hurt or injured due to your negligence while you're at a wedding.

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