Best way to construct photo galleries online?


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May 25, 2003
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OK, so I have a photoblog where I share my photographs but I want to add a photo gallery of everyday shots from events and my travelling. Ive been to Europe and America and around Australia and would like to display these online.

Ive been trying to figure out which is the best way to do this.

Im not a wiz with the computer but do know basic HTML and Java Scripts etc.
Ive been building sites for a while now but am not good with PHP etc.
Anyone have any advice on the best way to make online galleries?

Ive tried the web gallery maker in photoshop but its pretty generic. I guess I could change things aorund with it after ive uploaded it right?

Thoughts? Suggestions?
...hi manda

I don't have any suggestions on "how" to do it - but rather a suggestion on what "not" to do

Some will disagree - but many will be pleased if you avoid using FLASH

Look forward to seeing your work when galleried

Best wishes!


i like the phoyoshop gallery maker!!! maybe you could spice it up a little. there are also alot of freeware programs that will make thumbnail galleries.

If you want an automated solution, then php gallery is the best thing that I can suggest. It (obviously) uses PHP (and a bit of SQL), so it does take a little while to set it up initially.

The positives however, are that it can be configured to the nth degree, you can have different users uploading images, and numerous folders (for different events).

I did use it on one of my now offline sites, and I can highly recommend it.
so i can claim him, chase!

The links were there on my page since I found this place!

Im not that great with PHP, in fact I suck and dont understand any of it. I would need help installing it I think. The only reason Ive got MT running is because someone set it up for me. Im still trying to figure out my photoblog Im afraid, I havent even got to the part you tried to show me yet! :oops:
I would suggest Coppermine Photo Gallery if you use a script. It is php but is easy to use. It is based off of PHP Gallery. If you use a script for a photo gallery then I would suggest finding one that has good community support. I know the people at the Coppermine forum are nice folks and the coder is an active poster who helps out with simple customizations or suggests. I personally use Coppermine for my simple gallery. Mine is more customized then some though. Both galleries use either GD2 or Imagemagik to generate thumbnails and intermidate displays of pictures. Comments and albums are both standard feature of both scripts.

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