best way to get rid of this?


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Jan 22, 2008
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Lexington Kentucky
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so im not too great with detail editing in photoshop but i was wondering the best way to git rid of the streak of light going acrodd the guys face. i need a pretty good explanation as i am not too experianced with CS3.

clone or heal. Use the clone/heal around with it. It's pretty self explanatory.
Clone. Heal won't do a lot for you. You could also paint.
Make a selection of his head including the sunlit area. There are a number of ways to do this, but this is a case where you have strong contrast, so the magic wand tool should work very well. A higher tolerance of 50 or 60 should work fine. Once selected, use the eye dropper tool to select a neighboring color (he's not 100% black), and then using the paint brush, paint over the streak going right up to the edge. The selection will keep you painting within the lines.
hope you dnt mind, just wanted to make sure you got what you wanted.
hey mike. thanks man. i did end up getting what i wanted out of it but thanks again for all your guys' help!!!

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