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Oct 5, 2015
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I'm just beginning to touch the surface of photography and have recently taken photos for a few friends. I'm wondering what the best way is to let them view the photos? Are there any free sites that allow you to upload photos and then also allow the client to download them to their computer?

Has anyone used Pixieset?
Do you want to limit access to each 'client's' photos to just that client and the immediate family (password protect), or do you want anyone to be able to look at and download the photos?
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Flickr is free and works for just sharing photos with friends.

- Put the pictures you want to share in an Album.
- Make the pictures Private so only you can see.
- Send a link to the Album to your friends and select the option to include both Public and Private photos.
- Your friends can then see all the photos in this album when they use the link you provided and can also download each photo.
I use Zenfolio. They have been having some stability issues lately but they are supposed to be addressing it this month with some new upgrades to their servers. I'm waiting see how it's running after the upgrades to see if I stay with them. I like their templates for the most part and I love having a client access point and storefront built into it. Their processing and shipping charges are a little high but until I get more volume, I need a lower monthly cost option.

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