Best Wildlife Telephoto Option for $1,000?

Discussion in 'Nikon Lenses' started by Rafterman, Feb 28, 2018.

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    No argument there. Been shooting handheld since the 70s.

    I shoot football, soccer and Lacrosse handheld.
    But there I am in constant motion, and a monopod just gets in the way.

    However, when holding the camera+lens up at one subject for a long time, waiting for the shot(s), it becomes tiring on the arms, especially for an old man. There, I resort to the monopod, primarily to support the weight of the gear.

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    I think VR isn't needed for action photography. On my 500 F4 my VR is off 99% of the time and I purchased the 300 F2.8 AF-S DII (non-VR) because I don't need VR. I only shoot handheld and I don't think my images suffer in the least because of it. I'm also no a casual shooter so I'm out there a lot.
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