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Aug 18, 2011
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Cameron, NC
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Well I guess I didn't take the time to post an intro when I signed up. Well bought my first DSLR a Canon Rebel EOS XTI about 5 years ago and never really learned anything about it. Would just take pictures with it. SO recently I watched a couple of photography videos and must say my interest was peeked. So I was in Japan at the time and my Canon was back at home in the states so I set out to find another DSLR camera and ended up picking up a Nikon D60 with two kit lenses.

So I started going out and trying some of the techniques I learned in the lessons and was immediately hooked. So when i returned from Japan I made the decision to upgrade from the entry level to something better so picked up a D7000 and then started picking up better glass.

So now back in Colorado I love to go out and try and shoot, it can be difficult to get out with threee kids and the wife since they want to tag along a lot. I am defenitely thinking about trying to take some classes locally to get a chance to get more hands on teaching so I can continue to hone my skills and learn all that I can.
So now we can FINALLY say "Hallo" to you :D.
And welcome to ThePhotoForum!!!

And the kids will grow faster than you will like and then you'll have all the time you need and want to take photos and photos and photos! :D

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