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Better option than a 55-300mm? I need some more reach!


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Apr 28, 2013
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McDonough, GA
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Ive missed out on some potentially good shots due to distance. I really want a longer lens, mainly for wildlife/nature types of shots. Im also on a tight budget so something super nice isnt a good option for me. Adorama has the 55-300mm VR lens refurbished for $209, is there anything that can compete with that? Extra length would be cool if its close price wise.
not in that price range. a 70-300 is a step up from the 55-300, but my wife has the 55-300 and its really not bad for the money. but anything beyond 300mm, in the $200 range will be a MAJOR compromise...like a manual focus mirror lens or something, which might be okay for some stuff, it'll be a severe struggle with wildlife.

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