" Between a Rock, & a Hard Place "

May 13, 2007
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Well, sticking with water for a couple of posts, heres the end run off of a fall, liked the coloration of Rock...

The motion blur is good and the subject allows for some great imagination! The rocks are very interesting. The rock formation in the top center captures my imagination and my attention.

The coloration of the rock is nice, but what was the natural lighting like at the time this was shot? Some of the water seems dull...
Eh, this shot is just rather boring to me. I mean, there aren't blaring technical faults with the shot to me, it just doesn't interest me really.
This is another shot relative to your usual excellance. The subject really doesn't interrest me as much as some other subjects do. But a subject doesn't impress me as much whenever the focus, exposure and composition is this 'kick-ass'. You are one of the greater camera masters who post here. I always look forward to your submissions.

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