Between Showers


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Feb 26, 2005
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Oxford, UK
Went for a walk through the fields behind my house this evening, it's been raining most of the day and gray to go with it, but the sun popped out for a little while this evening.

great exposure and colours, nice job tempra this is a beaut :thumbup:
This photo says "MAY" to me all over: showery weather, rape (canola?) fields in full bloom, and a very intense colour that only this kind of weather can produce. Must go get a take at the rape (canola?) fields around here, too - or better even: go on a trip to Slesvig-Holstein for them. They are said to be even more beautiful there.
Like this one a lot! It reminds me of a field near my parents cottage. Love the compo and colours and the dramatic skies. Great job, tempra!
Wow, cheers all!

Corinna, the rape fields are still not all in full bloom, but they aren't far off and the contrast between the yellow and blue of a nice sky is a must to get a shot of.

magicmonkey, it's the opposite side of town from Boars Hill, there's a public footpath that goes out of the back of Cutteslowe park in North Oxford, and it's basically a diagonal path straight through the farmers fields.

There was a group of crows in the lone tree, but I missed the shot were they all flew off at the same time, next time eh ;)

Thanks again for looking.
Rich! :thumbup:
fantastic shot tempra, love it! :thumbup:

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