beware of iMARK 16-up wallet cutter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    beware of iMARK 16-up wallet cutter :
    (1) Not as fast as its name hints: Even slower than a 4-die cutter
    (2) Huge extra costs after purchasing: thousands dollars of "after sale" expenses...

    Its name and price sounds very attractive: cuts 16 wallet photos AT ONE TIME, the sale price is about $900. As a photo lab owner that needs to cut about 100 photo sheets a day, we quickly jumped into it and got one.


    After using it over one year, we were surprised the build-up plastic sheets cost is over $500 ! (it means we have to pay $500/year, year after year, we replace the plastic sheet about every 100 cuts as instructed to avoid unexpected problems). What a good deal!

    We visited a big lab and compared our 16-up cutter with the 4-up (4-die) cutter and 8-up (8-die) cutter that they are using. We found our so-called 16-up cutter is a loser: our speed even slower than the 4-up cutter. Reason is so simple: their 4-up cutter process is: slide paper in then center the paper and cut (remaining sheets and photos auto fall down after cutting), our 16-up cutter process is: place AND fix up one sheet, then place AND fix up another sheet, then properly place plastic sheet on top of these two sheets, then roll the crank EIGHT TO NINE rounds to cut photos, then remove the plastic sheet, then collect remaining sheet and photos (since the remaining sheet and photos of their 4-up and 8-up cutters can auto drop off, you only have to collect all of them one time). Your body needs to travel back and forth in rolling the crank (this is an energy-consuming task).

    We also found, the blades of our 16-up cutter need to cut both photo sheet and plastic cover in every cut, the traditional 4-up or 8-up cutter only cuts photo sheet, this means, our blades will depreciate twice in every cut. This also means, the life of the blades of the 16-up cutter is at least 50% shorter.

    We already use a 4-die cutter to replace this gimmick iMARK 16-up die cutter. We pay about $1,000-$1,100 for our new 4-die cutter, for the iMARK 16-up die cutter, what you have to pay is $900 plus about $2,000 plastic sheets, plus your speed is not faster than a 4-die cutter, plus you blades worn out quicker ......

    Carefully watch its online demo, you will find some steps that I addressed are omitted to show “HOW QUCK IT IS”. Don’t be fooled.


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