Beyond the Gatehouse


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Feb 27, 2006
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Interested to know what you all make of this..


thought i'd put the colour version in too, preferences..


I like it. Looks like something from the set of an old dracula movie (hey Arch, take note^!) Lots of mood with those clouds, the cobblestones, the ivy covered walls, and the old church spire.
yea, looks like my kinda place.... nice one boon :thumbup:
Nicely capture Boon. Love how you framed the background.
I like the shot and the composition, but to be finicky, I'd say that perhaps the foreground should have a little gaussian blur to lead the eye into the picture - it's a tad flat as it is? Also, I don't know whether it's a sharpening, or compression artifact, but there's a fringe effect on the underside of the arch, which could benefit from minimisation?

Goodness me, look at me carrying on like it's posted in critique! Good shot and good eye - I do really like the composition. For me, the B&W version works more effectively as there's a lot of texture in the scene.

I love the frame-inside-a-frame. It really sets the mood here nicely, too. I think that if it were my shot, I would up the contrast a bit, but that may just be me - it looks great as it is, too! I'm really partial to the B&W (of course, I'm partial to B&Ws in general!); overall very nice shot!
thanks guys, i guess i am on the right track with shots like this then, hmm will visit more graveyards soon.

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