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Dec 12, 2007
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I’m interested in resurrecting the bi-weekly photo assignment section. Having just made the leap from P&S to DSLR, I need tons of practice with my new camera and need to be challenged.

Please let me know if anyone else is interested in participating.
I did this on another forum and it was fun. Didn't always make the deadline due to paying stuff. But it was fun. Sounds like it could be again. We did it where the winner choose the next challenge.
It could be kinda like the strobist assignments he always does.
That'd be kinda fun. Make it less like the monthly contest, and it would be lots of fun for all.
I participated as soon as I got my DSLR, but I noticed bi-weekly meant bi-yearly realistically so I gave up.

I'd be very keen to see this start up again :)
I participated as soon as I got my DSLR, but I noticed bi-weekly meant bi-yearly realistically so I gave up.

I'd be very keen to see this start up again :)

I think, to help THIS problem out, we need to appoint a few people to help moderate it correctly. Also the bi-weekly assignments should be a choice. On a drawing board I am on there is always a CHOICE on the assigments, that way it gives someone an option if they cannot/don't want to shoot a particular subject.

For example, This weeks assignment is:

1. Letters in the wild: Finding letters of the alphabet that are there without intention, branches that cross, weird cloud patterns, or anything that looks like an English letter!

2. Bare backs: Light study into the twists and turns of barebacks, a common nude photographer's subject.

Now that way everyone has a choice, and in that two weeks they can shoot whichever they want, get some C&C, or if they so choose - shoot BOTH. There are plenty of subjects, I dont think we'll run out of them.
I'm not sure, but isn't it just a case of someone going in and actually using the forum that's sitting there? There doesn't appear to be any reason why someone couldn't just start a new assignment thread (on whatever topic) and just let it run from there. It would seem that there are a couple of old threads in there that are still being contributed to now (last December actually, but near enough now).

In the words of my boss (and with apologies to Mike) JFDI!
Just wondering whether it would work if there was a calendar of forthcoming assignments set up? Would be easy enough to do, but perhaps it's giving too much away and people have too much time to plan for a given assignment.
Chris is correct anyone can start a new assignment. I stop posting new assignment mostly because I forgot about them and could not come up with any fresh ideals for assignments.

Seem to me there is a small group that wants to start up new assignments. My subjection is for you all to come up with so very simple guidelines and go from there. My only guideline subjection is No archive photos they defeats the purpose[FONT=&quot]. [/FONT]

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