Big Mountain Panoramic image from Kananaskis

Big Mike

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Dec 16, 2003
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This was the view, right from our camp site last weekend. While the view was great, it was windy as heck.


I made this with 8 or 9 very first attempt at stitching photos together. I may try to upload a bigger version if anyone wants to see it.
Wow, BigMike, that's an awesome view and an awesome image. Hard to believe it's your first time stitching shots together....Good Job, IMO.
Awesome shot(s)! Great job stitching as well.
That's impressive.
Not only the view you had - that alone is impressive enough!
But also your stitching job.
Stitching is yet a thing I must learn to do! (Along with so many other things that I want to be able to do but still can't do, like HDR or so.....)
Thank you all for the warm comments.

The more I look at it, the more I see some things that I want to fix...with the stitching & transitions between exposures. I guess that's the secret with stitching panos...spend plenty on time on it and keep at it, till it looks right.

What program did you use / how did you stich it?
I used Photoshop. Firstly, I used a tripod and took all the photos with the same exposure. I had the camera in portrait orientation (a tip I read). I tried to overlap each shot by about half. Back in Photoshop, I made a blank canvas that was really big and wide. Then I cut & paste all the images on to the new canvas. Then, one by one, I moved the images into place. I reduced the opacity of a layer and moved it over top of the image next to best I could. The didn't line up as neatly as I thought they would. I guess the tripod has to be perfectly level. Once all the images were in place, I used layer masks to hide/blend the transitions. I used a very soft brush with low opacity. I saved this as the master file. Then I cropped away the uneven edges and saved this as my working copy. I played with it some more and then flattened the layers and saved another copy. With this copy, I made the regular tweaks; levels adjustment layer, Curves, Saturation etc. I use some more masks to get the contrast the way I wanted...and then saved web version for you to see. I hope that answers your question.
nice work mike, looks like a beautiful place to go camping... i see what you like... :thumbup:

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