cheers.. i was in antwerpen about amonth ago. Got up early ( had to be out of this cheap hotel after breakfast), somewhere downtown near the central station, in the orthodox jewish diamond district (could've got some good photos of those dudes going about their day, but i bottled out (i dunno - seemed a bit intrusive). anyway.. so yeah saw this hoarding (building-site or something like that) and it turned me on. ;)

The treatment is from gimpguru ..

Antwerpen is a nice city, friendly bars (vlaamse gezellig), good shops, pretty girls and beer, great buildings.
Ilford XP2 Super 135 (400 speed)
~10.30 am
?...f16 or f11
? ...1/125

from a negative scan (3000x2000)

The Gimp..
1 Layers>Colors>Auto>Stretch Contrast
2 Layers>Colors>Auto>Levels>Auto Levels
3 Image>Scale Image
(100dpi and resized to 753x500)

4 Layer>Duplicate layer
5 Filter >Enhance >Unsharp-Mask
(Radius 1.0, Amount 0.20, Threshold 0)

6 Filters>Colors>Map>Sample Colorise
(Mapped from schildt-cyanotype-sodableach_01.png)
outstanding. Stellar photo. You should print it and frame it. Or better yet, have it printed on canvas HUGE and hang it up!

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