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Sep 3, 2005
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Northern California
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Pic's of my Z3, she is my second love after the Harley.



Thanks for looking!
It is not B&W, Mellissa, it is BMW! :greenpbl: :lol:

I could never love mine (which is not a Z3!!!) enough to take such intimate photos of "her" (?) (or would I need to say "him" if I were that much in love?)
Mellissa, I tried both in b&w but I liked the toned version in the first one better. The second is b&w with selective coloring. Thanks for your comments! :)

Corinna, I love my vehicles I may be crazy but I do. However I don't know if these pic's are so intimate you should see the ones I have of under her hood. Umm maybe not.:lmao:

B&W version of the first.
did you shot in raw? if so you have, then try giving it HDR prosessing.
No Pete unfortunately I didn’t use my Canon for these shots, I used a little point and shoot Lumix. HDR processing never tried it, do you really need to shoot in raw or is it just multiple exposures from under to over and then merged with CS2?
i really like the first shot
Tried out Pete's suggestion, this version is shot with my 20d with multiple exposures, HDR processed and converted to b&w.


Original HDR processed color version.
Thank-you Dvr2low and Unimaxium, The first one is my fave as well! :)
I like the First one better too, and BMW's come and go but AHHH Harley's are forever....
another vote for the first one..... HDR doesn't do much for shots like this :thumbup:
Thank you, Moanah, Arch, and Rob. :)
Moanah, you are right about the Harley it is my first love, but this bimmer is also a great, fun vehicle and it definitely a close second and I don't think I'm letting go of it too soon.

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