Bird Flu protest - hanging swan


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Jan 8, 2006
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England - Worcestershire
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I was out on a walk this morning, i didnt get far before i stumbled accross this rather disturbing sight. (sorry about pic sizes, damn photobucket)

It was a swan hanging from the traffic lights at the local bridge:


It wasnt long until the RSPCA came to remove it:


It turned out to be stuffed, and attached by a peice of wire:



Im thinking its either some drunken joke, or a protest against bird flu.
How strange you were there when the RSPCA turned up, anyone would think you'd put it there ;)
duncanp said:
lol, keeping u s in touch with reality at tpf....

you did remember to mail the contaminated one to america didnt you ? :lol:

That is not funny. Of course you are kidding, but animal disease is a serious subject. I can speak of the crippling effects to man and beast, but this is a photo forum.

Anyway. Love the first shot! very surreal. On the other hand I am wondering why someone would kill this beautiful animal. Let alone stake him a traffic light.
What sort of weirdo sticks a dead swan to a traffic light?

Also, i think the bird has been through enough without the RSPCA man abusing it in that last photo. I thought they were meant to help.

on this subject though, I once seen a pigs head stuck on a railing :confused:
1st one's great!

How do you protest against bird flu? What's it going to do, start spreading across the world, get to an angry mob and then go "oh yeah, you're right, I'll just stop"
The first you cant tell where the head it and looks like its flown into the the traffic lights and got stuck behind it, It doesnt work very well with the black and white in my opinion, sorry to moan.

Rest are brill though!
Such an odd picture, how do you find them....? I cant ever find shots like
You even got one of these (third?) published in the local paper in the end, didn`t you?

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