Bird watching...

insane pelican

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Apr 30, 2006
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That ended up being people watching, as i didn't have a lense that was magnified enough to actually photograph birds. So here they are, i figure they belong here because they are all naturey or w/e.




The colour in this thing is really wierd, on the actual photo, the foreground is really intense, colour is very vivid, and the background is somewhat dull, but when i scanned it it came out entirely dull


same with this one, i tried to adjust it in photoshop, but it did not work. Ah well.
Heehee, I like your "different approach" to "bird watching" as a photo theme, you photographed the watchers... seems like there are quite a few real trails for bird watchers where you go and can be sure you get to see certain birds?

Can't tell why the colours in the last two photos came out this pale, but in Photo 3 it does look weird, all right... How large is the distance between the watchers and the trees in the background? And the watchers are in the sun, but are the trees in the shadow?

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