"Birdie, birdie, birdie" by LaFoto (10 pics)


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Feb 1, 2004
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Lower Saxony, Germany
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Here are some of the bird pics I took yesterday, and I can only underline once again how much I admire all you good bird photographers and your abilities to focus right and keep the focus on them!



I am not happy with the composition of these two at all, I wanted more "bird" in the photo, but was happy to have it relatively much in focus first of all... but I know about all the flaws that these have!


This one is the same, and it is not even in focus, but I kept it because I like this goose's expression here, as if it were asking: "Is this my better side?" (True fact is that it was waiting for the other people to toss it some more food.



In these two it is the same mallard duck, both times in the same spot, only had it moved its head a little and I had changed positions a little. This one was a real poser. Sitting there as if waiting for its photo to be taken. Very kind to someone like me! Very!






Names please for these last 5 owls, as I wasn't wise enough to photograph the signs.
All these were in large cages with some very narrow mesh, so I had to photograph through that, so where parts are "milkier" than others, it is the mesh.

Yes, I did not see these out in the wild!
I went to a wild life park.
Did you think I found these in the wild? Me? Never ever... :roll: :(

Well, of all these I personally like 8 best.
No, not quite that, the owls were only part of the animals they keep in what calls itself "Wildpark" in German, it is a wildlife park with all sorts of animals that live in our woods and countryside here (and that I hardly ever get to see in the wild, nor do others, hence the parks). I took photos of deer and other animals, too.
Thanks, and yes, I also liked that expression so I kept the photo despite its flaws.
And after I saw the owls look at me I began to understand why people always thought they were "wise birds". They sure look as if they know everything!
Hey, you got some really nice shots there, Lafoto! I too like #8 the best, but also love the expression on the birds in #3 and 9.
8 is a wonderful photo, great job. i also really like 9 and 10. you did an outstanding job capturing those owls. i am jealous of your "wildpark"... :thumbup:
awesome shots LaFoto!!

Peter might correct me if I am wrong..

6 is a Long Eared Owl
7 is a European Eagle Owl
8 is a European Eagle Owl
9 is a Snowy Owl
10 is a Great Grey Owl

I like 8 best too, this shot really give a nice view of it's tallons!

edit.. Opps.. I just saw Scotts post!
The expression of number 3 is priceless
and number 9 is great
Very cool LaFoto. Lovin 8 , 9 , and 10.

nice pictures! it looks like #3 might want to bite a hunk out of you. I'd keep my good eye on that one....

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