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Jul 27, 2004
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Brooklin, Ontario, Canuckia
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My lack of posting recently is directly related to how busy I have been. Still shooting like crazy but other priorities have come up. Anyway, last weekend when my dad and I went to Montreal and visited Amherst Island on the way back we were witness to a baby Sheep being born. It was an amazing experience and interesting to watch how they reacted to each other.











Some friends waiting to play


Great series, Airic. My faves are 4, 7 and 9. That must have been quite an experience to witness the birth. Thanks for sharing the pics.
Wow, That must have been awesome to witness, No. 7 really does it for me, its like a first proper hello hug :)
O these are all great.. I seriously cant pick a favorite.. Great series!
Fantastic scene, brilliantly captured, Eric.
By the way, you have a much larger "audience" than you actually know, since I put up a link to your thread here onto the other internet forum I go to because the lady whose forum that other one is raises sheep herself besides writing books, so anything on sheep is of greatest interest over there. You might want to read your "feedback from afar" here and put most attention to the posts by "torey" (she runs that forum, she is the sheep raiser and book author), for they might also give you some additional explanations. Plus you will find a question in her posts that she is putting to you -- through me. :D (I am "JustAFan" on that forum).
ya know these could be in the Dark Side gallery ;) .......... just kidding, awesome captures airic, very interesting series :thumbup:
holy sheep!! what a luck. you were there while shes giving birth! hehehe! nice shots eric!! its nice to see you back!!

cant wait to see more of your pictures
Thanks everyone. It sure was an awesome sight to see. LaFoto, I read the other comments and learned a few things, thank you for pointing me that way. They seem to really appreciate the images. I did use the 80-400VR lens. When I first saw the hoofs sticking out it took about 45 minutes of her standing up and then laying down and pushing but nothing would happen. I actually drove away and went for a hike in Owl Woods and then cam back about 1.5 hours later. She was in the same state and then to my extreme luck she made a big push and the lamb started to come out. The timing was amazing as I was going to catch a ferry back to the mainland so if she did not have it at that moment I would have missed it. I was thinking there might have been another one inside as she was very big even after giving birth to the first one.


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