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Apr 15, 2009
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Two weeks ago today I had the pleasure of welcoming Ava into the world. This was an amazing experience that I am happy to have had the opportunity to preserve for the Meyers family.

Ava Meyers Birth on Vimeo
very well done!
they will love this forever!
Thank you, I know they will too. The mother is my best friend and this was their 5th and last baby, so she agreed to let me do this. Her husband on the other hand took some convincing. He was totally against this clear up until the day she gave birth, he decided to let me stay in the room during the birth. He is happy now that he's seen the video.
A little late to the party, but WOW. This is a great slideshow!

Well done with the photojournalistic style, B&W so it's timeless and each little detail like the clocks, room number, everything...very impressive!
Thank you! I was starting to wonder if anyone watched the slideshow other than SrBuscuit. I know this is slightly a taboo subject, but I wanted to share with everyone that you can shoot a labor and delivery and present it in a classy way. Most peoples reaction when I told them that I was shooting my best friends labor and delivery was a crinkled up nose and some sort of "ewe, I don't think I would want to see that". Watch this and tell me what's so ewe? I would do this everyday if I had enough willing mothers.
I gotta say... I've seen LOTS of these, and you've done a wonderful job. Great storytelling. I can honestly say I enjoyed watching this.

You get a huge "atta girl" for this one!

Good work. You told the story marvelously and beautifully. I love the series of shots of the dad and kids in the waiting room when you finally get the little one just handing head-down on his chair, like "I've been waiting forever". Anyway, great work.
Well done! What a beautiful family.

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