Black and White Film and Printing Paper


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May 9, 2006
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There is only one place in my town that sells black and white film and it is truely a hastle for me to go there everytime I want to get film and it is about $5 a roll. I used to buy Ilford film from my photography teacher, but with summer coming up I will no longer be able to buy it from her and the place she bought it from no longer sells it. Are there any online stores that you would recommend me to buy film (in bulk) from? My mom works at a college that has a darkroom and the photography instructor is going to let me work there over the summer... so if I can't find any online I can ask him, but I just wanted to check out what was out there.

Any good printing paper sites? Just regular paper, nothing fancy for now.

Freestyle and/or B&H are the two prominent sites that I'd go for film. I'd assume these are among the destinations for papers as well.
It's hard to go wrong with either of those sites, for film, paper, anything development/processing-wise. :thumbup:

Freestyle has a great selection of student-grade stuff, which might be priced right if you want to stick with "nothing fancy" right now. :) You might look around there first.
Go with Freestyle, can't go wrong. The Arista Edu brand stuff they sell is quite good and very inexpensive

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