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Jan 10, 2005
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Just wondering ya'lls opinion on this. I personally like them both, but havent decided which 'feel' i like better - the softer look or the more rustic look (the more contrasty bw was purposeful) of the black and white. What do you guys think?


black and white:

I should say "Colour", too, for I love how her far eye is lit up and that effect is no longer there in the black and white version.
I definitely vote for color as well. There is something flat about the black and white to me. The color has more depth probably from the aforementioned skin tones and wonderful eyes that you captured.
I think they're both great images that tell very different stories. The color seems like there's some expectation and excitement. The B&W is more sombre.
I'm a die hard black and white fan, but in this case I really love the color one. I think the gleam in her eye looks much better in color. Very nice lighting by the way.

thanks for your input guys! i think i like the color better for presentation to her, or people she knows. it was a candid shot, so she's not going to be looking for anything special. For myself and for more 'artistic' presentation I think I like the b/w one a little better.
Very nice, I agree with Aoide about skin tones showing better in the color shot. And with you that most non-photo people don’t seem to really what/like B&W
Chase said:
Tough one, but I'd say I prefer the color version here. Something about the skin tone really ads something for me in this shot.


Oh, and I've had it...I'm coming down there to follow you around and learn from you for a while. I'm a huge fan of your portraiture.
I definitly like the black and white better. It adds mystery to the photo and gives it the feel that its years old.
The color is wonderful!

The bw is awsome! I'm partial to bw to begin with, but in this case, I really love it!

Fine work!

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