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Blak Coke

Nicolas Alary

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Oct 31, 2007
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Hey guys !

The lightbox you helped me built is working full-time and I wanted to share with you my last job :


By the way I strongly recommend the SIGMA 50MM EX DG MACRO that I bought recently to shoot those commercial stuffs and so far it's excellent ! Cheap, sharp and reliable !
wow...that's some awesome work. what type of PP was involved in getting this great effect?

Also...Coke Blak? That sounds so gross...coffee and coke? ew.
Thats really awesome. Great colour contrast.
I see no fault with it other than extraneous reflections in the mid-bottom of the bottle.
what type of PP was involved in getting this great effect?

PP = Post Production ? It's a lot of Curves for tones and contrast combined with a lot of blending masks to work on very specific areas. Then I added a lot of pattern thanks to some cool brushes that I blended in the image with the transfer mode. I set you up a little Before / After Roll-over so that you can see what has been done.

Thanks everyone for the feedbacks !
Fantastic post-processing. :clap:
i love your work, Nicolas!
Is it possible for you to show us your post processing techniques?
It might be impressive but it not a really complex post process.

- CURVES for tone and contrast
- ALPHA MASK for selective correction
- BRUSHES for the flourishes pattern

That's the best I can tell you, if you want me to do a tutorial that could be possible but I work with no method just the "feeling" so it will be a bit confused but if you think it could help just let me know ;) Thanks for the nice words ;)

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