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Discussion in 'Just For Fun!' started by Nikon Fan, Dec 10, 2004.

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    Nov 2, 2004
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    Wasn't sure where to post this so if it needs to be moved, please movie it. I just thought it fit even though there isn't a pic to post, because in a sense it was a blooper:

    Okay so I just finished writing a paper yesterday, and looked outside it was about 5 oclock and the sunset was amazing!!! The most beautiful colors I have seen in a while, looked photoshopped :D Anyway I run and grab the camera and head off in the car to a location I like to take susnets from (bout 2 mins from my house). I parked near a barn and heard some dogs barking, but began taking pics. I snapped off about two and happened to turn around to find two HUGE dogs growling, barking, and running at me. I start of in a dead sprint and barely make it to the passengers door an jump in. SIDE NOTE: I was attacked twice by a dog, two different times when I was young, so dogs freak me out a bit. Back to the story, I drive just up the road, where the dogs could still see me, but thought it was plenty away from their territory to be safe. I got about 400 feet away from the car and was taking pictures again, and there the dogs were, running with teeth showing. I again dead sprinted to the car, and barely made it again. So I think I made it with about 6 pics that will never do that sunset justice. But I didn't get bit! :lol:

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    Whooah, close shave. If only someone was there to take pics of you, running from the dogs.
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    Whoah, cool story. 'Tis sad what photographers sometimes have to go through to get a good shot. Next time you might want to find another location without dogs ;)

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