Blue Sunday


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Apr 6, 2006
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The Mighty Midwest
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It's a blue Sunday, down the interstate
Yeah, a blue Sunday
Blue with shades of gray

A few questions about this one... once again, I used a high ISO -- does it seem grainy to you? Also, is the reflection of the vents on the very bottom distracting? I could clone them out, but I was trying to leave this pic as "untouched" as possible. Thanks for looking!

Well, if your intention with this one is to leave it as untouched as possible, then leave it as it is. The "blue hour" is captured nicely.

If this were mine, I might consider a crop from the bottom to shift the horizon off centre and get rid of the reflections at the same time, and maybe in from the right till the tip of that highest bush ... that is a version I would at least LOOK at for once just to see if that could be "mine" ... and as to the grain, well, I say it again: if it bothers you, NeatImage will help. ;)

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