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Apr 14, 2006
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Fairfax, VA
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I'm having some problems with this photo:

Originally taken in color on a nikon D50. I had to play with the brightness and contrast in photoshop to get it to the way it is now, and it still doesn't quite look right to me. How do you recommend getting a little bit more contrast between the rider and the sky without any "blown out" highlights? or would you just as soon leave it as is?
Here are two versions I did up fairly quickly. One has a more high contrast take on the rider. It also looks a but more artificial, if you know what I mean. The second is more natural, but the rider could still stand to see a bit more of a contrast boost.

Are these closer to what you had in mind? Or am I taking you down the wrong path? :lol:

If you like either of them, PM me and I'll lsit off all the things I did to it. Hopefully one of these will give you an idea of where you want to take it.

impressive! my dream to be bmx rider but i am scared..LOl

i like the angel man!
TBaraki, I appreciate your efforts, but I've grown to like the picture quite a lot the way it is. Thanks though. :)

monicam, yeah, i know where you're coming from. I re-dislocated my shoulder not an hour after taking these pictures when I bailed off a jump. (First time i dislocated it, I was paintballing. Think superman-dive gone wrong.)
Here's my attempt:


The trick is to use masked layers. I used curves to adjust the contrast on the sky, ground, and rider separately. I also cropped to move the rider out of dead-center and make the image a little more dynamic, and I sharpened a touch. Looks like there's some artifacts on the arm, but this was a quickie.
What is the distortion surrounding the power lines? Is that caused by unsing the unsharp mask? I find that after editing some of my photos I get that as well. For example look at the edges of the tall building to the right in this picture, how can I get rid of that?

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