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May 12, 2006
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im not sure if this should go here but ill move it if not

just today i took some photos in a freind of a freinds studio so i wasnt allowed to adjust the lighting and i had to use the super tacky background so i did the best i could. im still the process of editing the photos but i just want to show you this one and get you're opinion on it.. its the first time ive done this style and have been dying to.. anyway lol heres there photo.

Also any tips on what i could call it?

I suggest for next time, that you don't frame that tight.
You could allow a little space between the right breast and the upper border, and same thing for the right border.
So if you take the photo a step backward, it will be peeerfect.
Otherwise the lighting is quite good, the photo gains a bit of "mystery". A kind of modern era Snow White sleeping waiting for better days (and, as an option, a charming prince).
Have fun!
I like this shot overall, shows the beauty of the female body. I think the crop is a little tight, the skin tone looks yellowish to me. Nice work otherwise.
sorry i took so long to reply, not been online. thanks for the comments they really helped :) the lighting was bad anyway and the image was dramatically edited. would i be able to send the originial image to someone who uses paint shop pro and see how they would go about editing it?

thanks again x
I like it, it's that sort of thing what eles is there to see ;) that kind of plays with ur head. I would call it "the best part of life" !
This isn't any "better", as a lot depends on taste here, but this is one idea:


I did it in Photoshop. I'm not familiar with the current Paint Shop Pro, but I remember it being pretty good so you should be able to do the same simple edits: increase contrast and adjust black/white points with levels and curves; adjust color by R+4, B+15; sharpen; crop.

Personally, I think yours above would work well by simply not cropping at the top quite so close, and prefer it to what I did.

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