Book: Creative Photoshop Lighting Techniques

Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by photong, Dec 30, 2004.

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    Hi! I was looking at this in a store and thought it might be useful. I don’t really know if I'd have any use for this though. But either way it feels nice to have just in case I can't find what I want on the Internet. I haven't heard anything bad about this book except complaints that it doesn't have any source files. Having them would be great. So if anyone could tell me what they know about this book it would be great (even if it's just the difference between this one and the one by the same author, publishing year and title but has a different cover). Is it worth it? It's on for 31.50 Canadian and even with shipping it's cheaper than in the store.

    When I flipped through I saw things I haven’t seen before or knew Photoshop could do like displace maps. I played with it the other day and even tutorials online couldn’t get me to understand how to use it properly.

    Is there a better book that you know of?? With source files for practice?


    Thank you! :)

    P.s. My icon was made using displace maps. It looks like all I needed was a smudge tool but I suppose the DM would be easier.


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