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Book recommendation. Which book?


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Apr 10, 2006
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I'm a professional video camera operator and have played around with photography years ago but never got beyond what I think is an intermediate level with limited experience.

When I first bought my SLR I used to use it in Auto mode then started tinkering with manual mode, playing around with exposure but at a beginner's level. I never really got into it.. All I know is that there is a balance you have to find between shutter, aperture and ISO speed to get the right shot and that's about it. I don't know much about actual camera settings and know hardly anything about film.

Now I want to get into it and want a book to read and learn professional photography. I'm not a total beginner to 'photography' because I am a professional cameraman so I understand composition, depth of field, etc so I'm not after one of those books that tell you how to compose a shot.. (the real beginner type books)

So based on what I described about myself, could someone here recommend a book or two that I could buy and read during my oversease trip?

Oh, it's digital photography I'm interested in. Will be buying my first digital SLR soon. Probably a Canon 20/30D.


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