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    MACROPHOTOGRAPHY learning from a master - Photographs by GILLES MARTIN, text by RONAN LOAEC.


    This is really the one book to own on macro photography.

    It is well written for both film and digital SLR users. Everything is easy understandable and the pictures are just gorgeous.

    The author explains aboute different lenses, techniques, equipment, accessories. A lot of technical information like how to calculate loss of light and reproduction ratios. He explains aboute depth of field, composition, exposure, how to use one or several flashes in different set-ups. He also explains how flora and fauna works.

    One thing that specially caught my eye was the chapter about Gilles invention "the flying tunnel". An instrument for in-field photography of flying insects. Instead of bringing the insects to a studio, a very uncomfortable situation for the insects who find them self flying around in the studio after leaving the tunnel and usually never to be recovered and returned to nature, the flying tunnel developed by Gilles can be used under open sky.
    I really like when people working with animals and insects look upon these creatures as living individes rather than objects.

    There is plenty of instructive chematic illustrations that in an easy understandable way guide the reader and help understanding the text.

    Highly recommended reading for all interested in macro photography.
    Also a great source with inspiering pictures for the creative photographer.

    Buy, borrow...steal it 8) .. NO do not steal it, just kidding. This is a great book!



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