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    I'd like to introduce everyone to a wonderful website called Bookmooch. It is basically a book exchange service- you get points for sending books you have but don't want to people that do want them. You can then use those points to get books that other people don't want.

    The reason I mention this is because everyone and their brother says to read the book "Understanding Exposure" when critiquing us young'n's photographs. I'm a starving college student, so I figured I'd try to score a free copy of this book, or something similar, on bookmooch. Turns out nearly 100 other people have had the same idea for that particular book, but it has only been listed once in the history of the website.

    So, my hope is that all you photography pros out there have old books that you don't want but could be very helpful to a beginner. I encourage you to join bookmooch and increase the number of photography books that are being mooched. It benefits you by clearing out those old bookshelves and getting free books in return for your unwanted ones, and it benefits us by sharing the knowledge.

    In the meantime, whether you decide you want to join or not, can you recommend other good books that would be helpful to us beginners (and that might possibly be listed on bookmooch? :mrgreen:)?


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