Boredom on a Saturday night (little e)


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Jun 21, 2004
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Poor little e, victim of over zealous parents with a camera and a sense of humor :mrgreen:

For those coming to DC you will see Evelyn sporting these:

Any maybe if you're lucky she'll be sporting a smile, too

And if she's lucky, this hat will be left at home :lmao:

And yes Terri, there is always a crying shot for you. Poor Uncle Christopher got to hear Evelyn test out her mighty lungs. She was hungry and she's got a out!
OMG, is she cute or WHAT??!! The expression on her face in the hat shot is priceless (yet she's soooo cool in the sunglasses shot).
Oh, that baby tummy in two! Wow.
I can't wait to meet Little Miss E in DC in a short while from now. And she MUST bring her sunglasses. Of course! :D
JonMikal said:
i want another one :hugs:

Seven is a good number ;)

Thanks for all the comments. I can't believe how much joy she has brought into our lives. At school the other day the boys had to make a list of things that make them happy. They both answered "Being with Evelyn" :love: That says a lot given their love of video games :lol:
ahhh, there's my screaming little girl!! :love: She demands to be heard! :lol:

I hope you bring the hat! :thumbup:
I even have matching pants for that hat :mrgreen: Dressing a girl is so much fun :D Well, it will be until she decides that anything I like is "lame".
These are awesome!

Love all the tiny bubbles she blows!
You should hear the bubbles that come out the other end :shock:

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