Boston's christian science center

John the Greek

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May 31, 2005
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Long Island and Ithaca


These were taken with a 24mm/f2.8 Nikon lens and they were also taken handheld, for the most part... atleast, I was crouching down supporting the camera on my knees. The shutter speeds were around 1/8 - 1/30 of a second so I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. They were taken on Kodak ektachrome slide film iso 100.

why does the christian science center have so much money... jesus.
The first of these two already attracted my attention in the General Gallery where it appears together with a couple of other photos, and I was thinking even then that it is very good. I really like the composition and distribution of light here.

The second is also good but still shows that it was taken handheld. For being taken handheld (or knee-supported), it is really remarkable, but you are also seeing your flaws, don't you (slight blur). The colours are still great... the hour of day was just right! Deep dusk, but not yet real darkness. Best time.

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