Boudoir Workshop in San Diego


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Oct 17, 2007
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Couldnt have come at a better, or worse, time. I travelled from -30 Canada to +16 San Diego for a Boudoir Workshop this weekend with the Boudoir Divas.

Trying to make sure im ready for the big jump. I didnt get a chance to shoot all that much (only about 30 mins shooting time) but came out with 2 I liked.

C&C is always appreicated.




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I love your work.. but these don't seem to have that relaxed feeling most of your stuff has. They are nice.. but just not "you" if you know what I mean? :)
I have to agree with ^^ . These almost seem like you were trying too hard. I wouldn't worry about the whole 'being ready' aspect. You're there!
Number 1 and number 3's (num 3 not as bad as 1) eye placement isn't right. Always leave eye whites on the left and right of the iris (cornea? I don't know what to call it) or else they'll look weird.
Thanks all. This is obviosly a huge departure from my style, but fun to play. Thanks for the feedback!
Kristal shouldn't you be giving the workshops? LOL

So how was Daygo besides its perfect weather and perfect waves? :D
Wow, you have a wonderful boudoir photography gallery. I am really impressed by location and dresses you choose for your boudoir photography. I want to know how much time it takes for a boudoir photography session.

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Can I give some general feedback about your portfolio? I think there are a few subtle things you can do to take your work to the next level.

1) To me, one of the trademarks of a great shot is the ability to keep skin, on average, in the mid tone range. Quite simply, I think the faces in your shots are too light. It's hard to tell whether this is the result of under-exposure, over-lighting, or over-editing. But if you look at really great beauty photography, one of the things you'll notice is an incredible amount of texture and tonal variation in the face. Granted, it takes pretty masterful post processing to maintain this and still make a face look flawless, but I think this should be a major focus for you.
2) I think you could stand to step up your game in hair lighting.
3) I would like to see you really nail a dead-on, full body portrait. Your boudoir portfolio is full of "interesting" angles and people curled up in various ways. I realize that the "sexy pose" is the mainstay of boudoir, but I get the sense that you often resort to these shots because they are easy. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I think true sophistication in glamour photos is about allowing the body to speak for itself. A single line along a beautiful body can be just a powerful and sexy as T&A closeups.
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Thank you very much for the thoughtful critique. It is appreciated and I will work on those points. I think I do have a lot more of the full body shots, but I tend not to show them as much. I will really look at my body of work though and see it I have the shots I need. As for exposure, I lean to brighter, and need to watch that.

Thanks again!!
Your highlights are a little hot and in the first image, the model's nose looks larger than it probably was. I need to check out your usual work for a comparison to be honest. Off to do that now. ;)

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