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Mar 12, 2006
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I’m trying to learn how to bracket with my D70. After reading the manual and following directions, I still can’t figure out what I may be doing wrong, so I need your input.
I shoot a 3 series set at ± .3, then shoot another series at ± .7,
and a third series at ± 1. The aperture is priority so the speed changes from shot to shot. OK, now the issue, I can’t find the shot that is equal to the auto shot in the three series’. All three series’ should have one shot that is the same speed and aperture setting………no????
Check the EXIF data, that should tell you how much exposure compensation has been applied.

If it's the same shot, with the same light. Then I would think that the first shot in each series would have the same exposure....and the same settings if you used the same aperture.
Yes, the first shot in the series is auto, but the first shot in the second series and the first shot in the third series are not identical. That's my question.......shouldn't they be if all other factors are equal?
I would run the test using manual mode instead of apeture priority. That way you can MAKE sure that each intitial set starts with the same exposure settings. The camera might have decided that for one of the sets that a slightly different exposure was needed.
Brilliant....that’s the answer. The camera is set in manual mode with prescribed speed and aperture settings, then bracketing around those settings with different exposures compensations works exactly as it should. Even Nikon didn’t come up with the correct solution.
Many thanks, Zedin

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