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Aug 14, 2003
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I'm creating a quick reference card to hand out to people in my department that gives them a few brief tips on how to take PHOTOS THAT TELL A STORY/PHOTOJOURNALISM. I've spent hours trying to find info on the subject and have composed several drafts but my boss hasn't liked any of them so far. Problem is I can't meet with him and really talk about what he wants till Monday and I want more material to have available to throw out at him but all the stuff I see is as follows:

Get in Close

Try unique angles

Plan out the types of shots you will shoot before it happens then look for the opportunities

Have guts

Burn through film

Add light but without it being obvious

Get identities

Get simple images, don't try to include too much

Before the later drafts my bullet points were as dumbed down as "Capture action,expressions, environments" He doesn't appear to like any of these yet so I'm at a loss. I've searched through books, websites, and even talked to some of the awesome photographers in our AV department (we're talking National Geographic level here). And their comments haven't been well accepted either.

So I'm begging you all to help me out here. If you know any good books on the subject, list them. If you feel like being an authority then make some suggestions. And if you think that the content isn't the actual problem here, then let me know.

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