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Nov 20, 2015
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I'm someone with a creative mind but perhaps not the experience with photo shop to keep up with my ideas.

Here goes....

I'm going to shoot my first senior pictures soon. One idea I had was to be able to put a "watermark"type of pic in one of the corners of an actual pic. This kid is an athlete, and what I'm thinking is do his senior pic, and put a faded watermark pic up in the right hand corner of a moment in his high school sports career.

At present I use photoshop CS 5.1. I tried playing with this the other night, and absolutely no success. Is this even doable? I would think it is. I'm just fighting with photoshop to make it happen at this ten secs of life. Any suggestions??
One way, but possibly not the easiest way, would be to print up your watermark on white paper, using word or some graphic program.

Take a photo of the watermark on the white paper. save it as a jpeg.

When finished editing your sports photo, open this watermark photo, select all, select copy, close it down again and select paste. This puts the watermark as a layer above your photo. Use the magic wand tool to select the white area of your watermark (I suggest 32 as tolerance and uncheck the contigous box). When the white is selected press backspace and all the white will disappear. The select free transform tool and it will allow you to size and position watermark where required. You can also use the opacity level on the layer toolbox to lighten the water mark, whn you are happy, flatten image.

The explanation above takes longer than the action, the hardest bit is designing your watermark, but once you have it, its done.

I'm pretty useless in photoshop, there is more than likely a much better way than this, but it works

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