Brazil Pics #2 & 3


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Feb 26, 2006
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I'm glad they`re finally showing for me (had red x`s all the while before), so I am now getting to see that wonderfully blue wall and door, the colour is amazing but also the textures come out so well ... but then that menacing sky in the second isn't any worse, either. It's just different - the entire atmosphere is different (in the literal as well a figurative meaning, I think).
I absolutely love no. 2, and the colors in no. 3 are fantastic! The only thing that bothers me is that thin antenna looking thing in 3. Awesome job :)
Thanks everyone :)

Joe I was actually thinking of cloning that darn thing out...I'll work on it later tonight :)
I had red x's on the other ones, too, but no problem with these.

Gosh, but I'm loving that first image! I wish there were a little more of the street showing along the bottom, because the colors complement each other so well. :thumbup:
Thanks Terri :) Means a lot coming from you!!! I didn't realize how well they did compliment until I got back home and wished for more myself :(
wow, thats blue! Even for such a simple image, I keep going back and looking at it. Good catch

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