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    The term refers to a business philosophy. The thrust is to seek opportunities in small areas which, for one reason or another, are not of interest to the existing established businesses.

    There have been many threads on this site which go something like 'I've got this [insert name] DSLR and I'm pretty good and I want to make some money by photographing [insert 'portraits/cars/gigs/nature/weddings/wildlife/photos for stock, etc.']

    In most instances, the area chosen is already filled to overflowing with competitors. Getting a slice of the pie, unless the pro wannabee is really top-drawer, is almost impossible.

    What the entrepreneur-with-camera may need most to get under way is some ideas on just where to begin.

    Enter the briarpatch concept.

    There are areas which are not at all glamorous but are underserved. The old advice of 'find a need and fill it' holds true for these roads less travelled.

    A few which come to mind are:

    Documenting a household's possessions for insurance purposes.

    Photographing boats under way, preferably with the owner-skipper visible and identifiable at the helm.

    Pet photography.

    Perhaps other 'specialties' can be added.

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    One of my many tiny little weekday ventures was photographing houses for insurance companies. The home office didnt trust the agent to shoot the house as it really was. These days they might trust them even less with digital editing.

    I shot a lot of car dealer and hair dresser head shots for business cards. Also Realtor types ect. I had a price classification for them even. business head shots x dollars. Oh yeah preachers did a lot o preachers.

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