Bridal Portraits. Let me know what you think..


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Jan 16, 2012
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Myrtle Beach, SC
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They're nice
But don't make Backlighting your one trick pony
I agree they are nice. Theres a sliding horizon in 4 (or was it 5) and IMO the eyes are overdone in a few of them. What a gorgeous bride :)
Dude... nice! I like your style man. I love this. I love pretty brides, I love horses, I love black and white, I love grain, I love back lighting, I love shallow DOF, and you put them all together!

Very nice, Pasha.... my one nit is "Where is the beautiful blue sky?" :)
I know this washed out color style is in now. Almost everyone is selling actions to create such style of wedding and portrait images. I would be very careful which one you use, or if you have created your own be careful not to blow out too much the skin tones. Just a tiny suggestion. Your compositions and ideas are bang on. Image treatment I would worrk on a bit more. Kudos. Keep on clicking.
I love them all but #1. While I think it is a beautiful photo, the bride is sooooo tiny. And leaves me wondering why she is just standing alone in her wedding dress in a feild.
What Schwetty said! I think it would help a lot of people on the beginner board to take a look at this... grain is not your enemy!!!
I'm new here and here is my first comment/post ever on :) These are beautiful.. Like I said.. I'm new and not getting too technical about it.. I'm sure the bride adores these pictures..I wish I get to shoot something like this.. Beautiful bride, beautiful horse, beautiful time of day :) Love them
Very nice! My ONLY complaint is that in the first few, the dress is really over exposed. I've noticed that a lot in bridal shots recently actually.
That first one is a one of a kind you are really lucky to get once in a while and I would have put it last because after seeing that everything else is extremely boring.
I like these images. My nits are on the first one the bride is so small I don't really consider it a bridal portrait. Great tree photo. The shots with the horses are okay--I feel like the horse is the subject in some of them, not the bride, so I'm not fond of that.

They are also awfully washed out on occasion, which seems to be popular at this point, but I'm not thrilled with it.
That first one is a one of a kind you are really lucky to get once in a while and I would have put it last because after seeing that everything else is extremely boring.
Disagree that the first makes the rest boring, they are still all very nice. But the first one is gorgeous! That one will be blown up and hung forsure!
The shots are gorgeous.
Is her face a peeling sunburn? Might want to smooth that a little bit.

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