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May 19, 2006
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Queens, NY (Home), Berrien Springs, MI (School)
Queens Borough Bridge

The Other

Both were converted to B&W.
The second photo looks like there's some sun-glare on the lens or it was taken through a window. Was it?

Regardless, they're both very good. The first one seems to convey the business of city life very well while the second one portrays the unique calmness that sometimes occurs in the city. Very interesting couple of photos; especially together.
I like #2 did you try clone out sun glair, not real sure what I think about #1, I was where last November, IMO seem like tough subject to shot close-up
These shots are cool I love both of them, It's really illegal to take pictures on a bridge, this is nuts, is the government so naive not to know that the blueprints of nearly all US structures are available on the web. It is getting really crazy when I point my camera at an urban structure and it's view the same as pointing a gun! Cheers!
Unbeknownst of the fact that you must not take photos of bridges, I have taken so many while in NYC in April ... and no one ever said a word.
And I also took pics from out of the Skytram here, just like you did, Bryan (Santos), all in the open, with no one saying anything!
The Queensbrough bridge is a landmark in the city. Didn't know the tram was still running. Good shots from a different view.

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