Bridge HDR


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Oct 23, 2004
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New Jersey
Cheesequake Park, NJ
Nicely done....... well processed, with good range :thumbup:
One more pic that proves that I MUST learn this technique!
But foremost on my agenda is learning how to process RAW ... than comes this ... what's it called again? HDR ... "high dynamic range"? Several exposures on top of each other? That means I would need to know how to work with layers in Photoshop? Oh! Maybe I should learn how to do that, first!?!!?

For the clouds here are so good ...!
The only issue I see is that the boardwalk is center in the frame, IMO it should cropped so the boardwalk start in the lower left and not the center
nice job with the hdr! I have some trouble doing that unless I do it manually. would you mind sharing your method?

anyway, nice capture (although I do agree that it would look a great deal better if it were less 'centered') :)
nice work... this is a beautiful image... :thumbup:

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