British songbirds....


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Jan 21, 2006
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some songbirds here....some were taken in cems. one day i'd love to buy all the gear Raymond and co have.... but i'm over a grand short at least, so these are with my 70-300 again :er:



Spiders must taste like crap!...



Cheers for lookin :D
Hey, nice captures there, Archangel! Nice dof, and nice definition of their eyes.
#1, #2: Very nice, I like them, did you lay in the grass for those?
#3: Tail is cutoff and the thing he's sitting on is covering his feet. Focus seems a little off (or camera shake/bird movement) and I keep getting distracted by the background.
#4: I love the pose, but perhaps a landscape format would have worked better. There's much unused space above the bird and this green T-shape in the bokeh pulled my view more than once.
#5: Nice DOF, focus just hit the right spot. Part of me thinks it's just fine, the other part thinks the free space would look better on the right side of the bird, dunno really.

Overall good work.
Thanks guys.... these are actually my very first bird shots!...taken whilst i was shooting other things... took me ages to get round to editing them tho.

Polygon: in answer to your questions.... 1/2 yes i was low down for the shots, but not laying in the grass. 3/ I know the tail is cut off... i liked the fact she was peaking round the corner... also my shutter wasn't fast enough cuz i wasn't out bird shooting... i was shooting grave stones... this one took me by supprise. 4/ it was in landscape originally.. this is heavily cropped... any more cropping would have lead to more noise and its already been through neat image.... but seriously i do appreciate your comments and crit, dont hold back in doing so in the future thankyou :D
nice shots arch, i like #4 the best, i think the crop is great... :thumbup:
Interesting looking bird. Never seen one of them here in Florida. I like orange outline of the eyes, cool shots !
Excellent shots man.
I sure hope you did not find the light.:biglaugh:
Thanks guys

yea good point raymond, i'll still try and get decent shots with my 70-300... untill i can afford better. i'v always been interested in birds so its a joy to capture some and sharpen them up in ps... very enjoyable :D

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