British Touring Cars & Support @ Brands Hatch yesterday - good action :)


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Feb 16, 2006
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Was at Brands Hatch yesterday for the BTCC qualifying and support qualifying/races. As always there was a fair amount of action, only downside being that there was no Clio Cup race (didn't know until I got there) *sobs* Oh well, it didn't stop me! :greenpbl:

Lighting was the usual mixbag. Sometimes very bright and sometimes very dark and sometimes both. Felt I handled it pretty well though for a change. I'm still very disappointed by the big fencing at Druids. It's just not possible to completely get through it. Annoys me as such a good photo opportunity is now gone :x .

Anyway watched todays action on telly, seemed like a good race, particularly the 3rd one. I wonder how many people "snapped" the first lap accident at Paddock and the Matt Neal Tom Chilton "incident" up at Druids... we'll see... ;)

I've not finished going through all my photos yet, I'm about 40% complete so all of these are from the morning...

Compressed "forum friendly sized" photos...

#1 Ian Pearson gets a bit crossed up wellying it out Druids...

#2 Matt Neal loses it out of Paddock...

#3 Darren Turner bins his Seat in the gravel up at Druids...

#4 Niki Lanik loses his Clio at Paddock - quite lucky not to roll actually...

#5 Pippa Mann sparks through Paddock...

#6 Chris Stockton takes a trip through the Paddock gravel trap in his Lexus IS200. Sadly he doesn't quite make it out and the session is stopped...

#7 Gavin Smith pushing hard...

If you fancy a butchers at a few more (and a bit larger) then a incomplete gallery is up here - - I will add more as and when.

Comments as ever are most welcome.


Oh and BTW I was at Silverstone last Tuesday for the Formula One Testing. A few photos can been seen here - - for those who are interested in F1 ;)

Cheers :greenpbl:
chris82 said:
no 2 3 and 7 are awsome,no 2 is classic.great shot

Thanks bud.

Yes I was pleased with #2, the lighting definately helps, as did "being in the right place at the right time" - something that never usually seems to happen :greenpbl:

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