Broadwalk by the Seaside


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Jan 13, 2005
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Hi friends.

It's been a while, since I photographed scenery.

Finally I got a chance to step into this legendary place. Indeed I must comment it's a lovely place to visit. Met up with slight rain initially, but was blessed with a blissful sunset.

Here are my takes to share.

1. Started with cloudy mood


3. Then came the sun

4. Breaking the rule

5. Last shot before home.

Thanks for viewing.
Ooooo, these are lovely!
All of them are. Each for a reason of its own. Mostly atmospheric (not as in weather, but also). That broadwalk makes for a beautiful motif, anyway. No doubt. And the sea always does, too, but sea and the lines from the broadwalk are doubly interesting. I think.
Then comes the bad-weather-feeling that adds to the first.
And the slow shutter = very soft water in the second.
And the warm, golden glow of the sun reflected nicely in the water with the silhouetted broadwalk with its stark lines in the third.
And the "broken rules" in the fourth and the wonderful texture of the water ... with each new photo showing, I thought, now that is my favourite...
And last but not least the orange of the broadwalk lights in the blue of the water ... superb!
Thx LaFoto for your narration on the photos. I could not have done it better myself :). But what you described truely express what I saw that day.

Thank you for your appreciation.

Cheers and Happy Shooting!
2 and 4 are awesome. The slow shutter speed makes those buoys look unreal.

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