Broken Canon SX700HS

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    I was unsure where to post this so il just put it in here,

    Looking for some advice on my Canon SX700HS, the lens has been problematic for a while and today it finally decided to stop working. From what ive read its a common fault on this camera but i cant find any information on repairing it.

    The issue is that the lens wont retract fully and the camera shuts off with the lens still extended, i have two of these cameras in the house and the faulty one has a noticeable amount of play in the lens barrel. It also has a slight bump when the lens does retract, it can be felt when holding the camera whilst turning it off.

    Ive found replacement lens's but i dont want to spend £65 on a used lens for a 4 year old broken camera, im just curious if anyone on here has had one apart and solved the issue. If not then il just sell it as spares on ebay.

    Any input appreciated


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